The Ninja Epidemic

Loose Ends

There are 69 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
58725 Exchange your butchers knife for the ninja's katana, and then get the hell out of there 28795
58868 Tell her the truth, that you found Harry dead and you were afraid that everyone would think you did it, so you hid and were planning on running when she walked into Harrys room. 28873
58981 Keep waiting for him. He'll show up sooner or later. 28929
58989 Run away while you still can. 28931
59003 Screw him. He had sex with your mom. Hope the ninjas kill him, you ain't helping his chances of survival. 28939
59257 Do you run back to the car? 29050
59427 Call Rick 29162
59429 Wait around a little longer. He should be back any minute now. 29163
59430 Attack the cops and free your cousin. 29164
59431 Go back home, leave your cousin to the cops. 29164
59432 Try to reason with the police. Let them know that he is just there to help you take care of the ninjas. 29164
59433 Throw a grenade into the distance, let the explosion distract them long enough for your cousin to escape. 29164
59437 Run like the dickens while the ninjas attention is on Rick. 29166
59439 Run. Use your bullets sparingly for an escape. All of your bullets are in Rick's car. 29167
59440 Get in a car and get out of there. The police won't do anythign for you. 29168
59442 Tell him about your cousin. 29169
59577 Run. 29237
59611 Attack the one with the nunchaku. 29257
59612 Attack one of the ones with the swords. 29257
59613 Wait for them to attack. 29257
59621 Try to push the blade aside and get up. 29263
59663 Call him already. 29283
59668 Continue on to the tree. 29287
59671 Let your cousin blast the ninja to shit. You don't want to fight a ninja without a weapon. 29289
59675 Take them out. These pills make you feel like you can do anything. 29292
59676 Let your cousin shoot them. He can handle himself. 29292
59695 Tell her her son is dead. 29301
59696 Wave back to her and go. Fast. 29301
59725 Get in the truck with him. 29317
59726 Hang behind while he goes to get the beer. 29317
59731 Tell them about the body, but don't mention that it's a ninja. That's just asking to be dismissed. 29320
59732 Go back to Ricks car and leave. These cops aren't hearing shit. 29320
59733 Attack the one in front of you. 29321
59734 Attack the one to your left. 29321
59735 Attack the one to your right. 29321
59736 Swing the bat in a circle and try to hit them all. 29321
59741 Harry 29325
59742 Call Harry. 29326
59744 Wait in the living room 29328
59745 Wait outside 29328
59916 Strike him first. 29407
59931 Get your cousin over here 29414
59934 Hang around and explain what happened. 29415
59935 Tell her the truth, that you found Harry dead and you were afraid that everyone would think you did it, so you hid and were planning on running when she walked into Harrys room. 29416
59936 You can't tell her the truth, there's no way she'd believe you to be innocent. Tell her you're playing hide and seek with Harry, and thanks alot, she just ruined your hiding spot. Then run before she figures it out. 29416
60124 Duck under that shit and counter with an upthrust with your aluminum bat. 29521
60131 Run from the woods. 29527
60132 Turn around and clobber the ninja rushing up behind you. 29527
60145 Fight the ones behind first. 29537
60151 Look around. Something isn't right. 29541
60152 Run. There is no way you're going to fight htis ninja without a weapon. 29542
60153 Fight him. It's better to go down fighting than to have to live with cowardice. 29542
60186 Go up there and tear the ninja bastard apart. 29555
60189 Go up there and tear the ninja bastard apart. 29557
60371 Dodge out of the way of whatever attack he throws. 29637
60386 The police. 29643
60387 Bo. 29643
60388 The police. 29644
66056 Forget it, it's too late to save your house. Decide to go to the meeting a little early. 32584
66057 Try to sneak up to the house to salvage what you can. 32584
104196 The police station. 52561
104197 To a gas station to buy some beer. You always think better when you're drunk. 52561
173733 Run 88924
177652 To seek help with the ninja problem. 91054
177653 To stock up on ammo to face the ninjas 91054
177655 Despite being useless, fight! 91056
177656 Get the hell out of here! 91056
224257 Investigate the trees that line the road. 114687
224259 Take cover in the underbrush and devise a plan. 114687