FAQ: What are the maturity ratings

In an effort to prevent users from reading something offensive and to improve the consistency of contributions for a specific story, we implemented Maturity Ratings. The writer assigns a maturity rating to each story and readers are able to browse and filter stories by this rating. Please do not confuse maturity ratings with the 1-10 overall quality ratings that readers give stories. Note: Maturity ratings were initially dubbed "Movie Ratings" because they were based on the American Motion Picture Association ratings.

The maturity ratings for Infinite Stories are as follows:

NR: Not Rated

This story has not been rated as of yet. This may be due to the story being older than the rating system and has not been updated yet or has yet to be set by the author for some reason. The contents of this story are unknown and could contain any theme or language, no matter how offensive or adult in nature. As such the readers are warned.

G: General Audiences

Stories that are suitable for all ages and groups, even if they are not directly aimed at younger viewers. They can not contain strong language or descriptions of sex or detailed violent acts. Subject matter should also not be of a strictly mature or questionable nature (such as drug abuse or abhorrent behavior). Stories with this rating can also not include images of an offensive or questionable nature at all.

PG: Parental Guidance

Stories aimed at young adults or older and parents should decide if younger readers should be allowed. May contain some mature themes or questionable subject matter, but it still handled without the use of excessive language or detailed descriptions of sex or extreme violence. Some strong language or expletives are allowed but should be relatively rare and mild in use. Allusions to sex or sexual acts can be included but not described in detail or overtake the story. Some questionable or strictly mature subject matter (such as drug abuse or abhorrent behavior) can also be alluded but not gone into detailed description or overtake the story.

R: Restricted

Stories that are aimed at adult audiences only. May contain strong language, violence, and depict sexual acts. Any language is allowed and all themes are allowed, no matter how offensive or questionable. The only real restriction to this category is that detailed descriptions of strong sexual acts or extremely excessive acts or violence and cruelty are not allowed or at least should be kept to an absolute minimum and not allowed to overtake the story. Stories of an Adult Erotic nature are also not allowed here, even if the descriptions are watered down.

MA: Mature Audiences

Stories are for mature adult audiences willing to read graphic depictions of sex and violence. Children are strictly prohibited. Stories with detailed descriptions of strong sexual acts or extremely excessive acts or violence and cruelty must go here. Adult Erotic stories and highly offensive detailed stories of extreme cruelty and violence. This rating category holds no bars on subject matter and warns all readers that they could easily by offended by what falls here.

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