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Infinite Writing Tournament History

IWT 11 - Horror!

Rover of the Sands by Vesnicie
Ballad of the Bear by BearBipolarBear
Men of ScienceWinner by donteatpoop
Sacrifice by BatCountry

IWT 10 - Overpowered Protagonist

Long Hours, Endless Days by Vesnicie
Solipsism by Usoki
The ProphetWinner by BatCountry
Saga of the Splintered Lands by mizal

IWT 9 - Character Grab-bag

Relic by BatCountry
Trash Day by Threadkiller
Corporate ContractWinner by Usoki

IWT 8 - Science Fiction

Reality ShiftWinner by Usoki
Catharsis of Cthulhu by KazeYami
Coitus Machina by donteatpoop
Worlds Apart by Cat2000
The Galactic Adventures of Pierce Darkblade by BatCountry
The Machinist Child by BatCountry
Following the Walking Call by mizal
Jedi or Sith by Zac6251

IWT 7 - Urban Fantasy

Door Handle by Crunchyfrog
Mystic Elevator by donteatpoop
InnkeeperWinner by EndMaster
Uncertain Fortunes by KatieWroteIt
Delmechia by YazZMaN
Daybreak by Usoki

IWT 6 - Anything

A Perfect Romance by Cat2000
Time Crisis by Cat2000
PrimalWinner by EndMaster
Sigma Epsilon Chi by Usoki
The Rift by YazZMaN

IWT 5 - Porn or allegorical... or a combo of the two: PORNAGORY!

Exploitation Theater by EndMaster
IWT5- The Sneeze by Usoki
TodestriebWinner by Vesnicie
Serial Rapist by xnull

IWT 4 - From Hell

Infernal Gate by apotheosis
Youngstown Demon by donteatpoop
Death Song by EndMaster
Odalisque Paradise by KatieWroteIt
Hellstone by Usoki
The Country from HellWinner by Vesnicie

IWT 3 - Children's Story

The Mold by apotheosis
Ultimate Battle by donteatpoop
Imagination by EndMaster
Lost in a Good Book- A Child's Tale by KatieWroteIt
The PatternWinner by KatieWroteIt
Paul's Kingdom by jeffisthebest

IWT 2 - Amusement Park/Carnival

Ducky Park by donteatpoop
GeekWinner by EndMaster
Shemaru by jeffisthebest

IWT 1 - Movie Monster

Search by Cat2000
ReunionWinner by donteatpoop
Alpha Wolf by EndMaster