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Greetings, friend! My name is Bear Bipolar-Bear and I am a diminutive yet substantial fellow of considerable circumference, of the genus ursus. This means that I am a true bear, and in fact a rare bear, belonging as I do to the species americanus kermodei, meaning that I am what is more commonly known as a "spirit bear". Spirit bears are black bears endowed with special gifts which turn their fur a creamy blonde and make them extra adept at salmon fishing.

Although spirit bears are native to British Columbia (that's in Canada), my first memories are of the Florida Everglades. Tragically, I never knew my mother. I was abandoned as a cub and left to fend for myself in the dangerous mangrove swamps full of predators of all shapes and sizes. However, I was discovered by a kindly alligator who took pity on me and delivered me to the home of a friendly manatee who did most of the work of raising me, including that most fundamental of all mammalian bonds, the giving of mother's milk. Gator and manatee found a little island for me between the banks of a lazy river where I could be safe and dry. Sometimes Gator would take me for rides on his back, and these are the moments which I recall most fondly from my otherwise traumatic cubhood.

One day I stepped on a crab whilst wading in the stream and he cut my paw wide open. Oh, it was so painful! Almost immediately I was beset by long-toothed fish who wanted to finish the job of eating me up. I managed to make my way back to my little island, but I was cold and wet and terribly exsanguinated by the time Gator found me later that afternoon. This was when they realized that the Everglades were no place for a motherless young bear. The next day, manatee took me to a spot which she knew to be frequented by fishermen (she had lost her aunt Mildred to a motor-boat propeller the previous year). When she heard the men coming, she gave me a kiss, deposited me on a little spit of land, and swam away. I never saw either of them ever again.

Thus began my long journey northward, to the real Bear Country where I could roam in the rightful forests of my kind. A great deal has changed since then: I got an education (salutatorian of my 5th grade class!), made lots of friends and found a special companion to take care of me all the days of my life. I am in fact a lucky bear!

Rough beginnings don't mean that your life can't change. Have hope and persevere, and you'll see just how fantastic life can be!

Wishing you all happiness and sunshine, Vitamin D and endless bear hugs!