Catharsis of Cthulhu

[[Hiya! This is the first time I've ever written a CYOA story, so I hope it doesn't totally suck. At least I write a lot, otherwise, so I have that on my side. Please enjoy my SciFi Horror Story!]]

After the destruction of Earth's natural atmosphere during the Cold War's nuclear bombing, humans united under a single dictatorship to explore space for suitable planets for colonization.

You are an advanced Artificial Intelligence Android sent to accompany human travelers on their journey across the stars and are equipped for multi-purposeful exploration.

The day has finally come for your human companions and yourself to explore the alien planet M-5434, but all is not as it seems. Some strange sentience exists on the planet and begins to infect the crew of the ship. Only you, as a cybernetic life form, are immune.

Can you save your crew and humanity?

[[ Rated for violence ]]
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