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Paco Valdez

Loose Ends

There are 54 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
59411 Stay at Coyote Rock for the night. 29151
59412 Press on to the next town. 29151
59420 Hit the Fargo Bank Wagon 29159
59943 Tell him to get ready, cause the two of you are leaving tomorrow. 29421
61823 Your conscience wins the debate, and you decide to attempt a swift escape. 30295
61828 Stay on course, toward Coyote Rock. 30299
61829 Veer away from your present course, and head toward the creek. 30299
62619 To the saloon! After all that has happened, you could <b>really</b> go for a drink. 30762
62620 Get traveling rations from the local store. You need to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. 30762
62990 Let him live. Annie is right, sleeping with the enemy's woman brought the Vigilantes, killing a Vigilante not only brings more Vigilantes, but the law as well. 30974
63056 Head for the stables, get on your horse and get out of town while you still can. 30997
63287 Hit the wagon trail, siding with Annie. 31106
63488 Hit the Fargo Bank Wagon 31185
63627 The trains. 31241
63688 Head for the back door and get out of there while you can. 31265
63689 Stay where you are and be cool. They probably won't even notice you. 31265
63808 Head for the back door and get out of there while you can. 31320
64206 Accept his offer, follow him to the Kamani village. 31522
64306 Next day... 31591
64356 Stick around and wait for Sheriff Valdez. 31610
64371 Bolt away from the scene immediately. 31622
64385 Keep arguing with Annie, futile though it may be. 31628
64547 Next morning 31706
64654 Wait until morning. 31758
64697 Stay behind and leave the two stubborn bastards. 31780
64705 Alert your captors, against your better judgement. 31784
64711 Go with Gus's plan. Take shelter in the cave. 31787
64712 Brave the storm. What does Gus know about anything? 31787
65312 Wake up. 32131
65398 Submit. Perhaps you can escape them again... 32176
66852 You don't trust him enough to bring him along. Go alone. 33030
67299 Stick around and wait for Sheriff Valdez. 33294
67302 Submit. Let them take you. 33295
71690 Attack. 35380
71691 Wait them out. 35380
71693 Continue on, there is gold in the mine that rightfully belongs to you. You will have that gold, Indians be damned.. 35381
72778 Get out of town now. 36038
74544 Side with Gus and rest in the shade provided by the rocks. 37096
74545 Side with Annie and press on for the railway. 37096
74550 Don't take chances, ride off while you can. 37099
75819 1 37701
75820 2 37701
86596 Tell him the plan is to head East and get he fuck out of here. 43111
87873 Gus and Annie have stuck with you, even in a disaster like this. You, in turn, should stick with them. 43870
87874 You don't need them. You never have, really. And now you have the love of a good woman on your side. Strike out on your own. 43870
91860 Tell him that you don't want to run anymore. That you're ready to face the small pack of Vigialntes riding towards you. 46067
91861 Keep moving. With them not nearby in their persuit, mayeb you can put enough distance between you to escape. 46068
92276 Wait where you are, they will be lead to the stables and you can gun them down as they enter the town. 46175
95905 Front door 47976
95906 Back door 47976
108514 Head for the nearest saloon and get a drink. 54731
120787 Dream for a while and awaken. 60903
172251 1 88171
172252 2 88171