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Loose Ends

There are 79 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
106904 ...became a Death Eater right now. 53983
106951 Make a sudden grab for it. 54008
107013 If he wouldn't stop them I'd do it myself. 54038
107014 I suppose I'll just have to put up with this. 54038
107427 "...go away and leave you to sort it out among yourselves." 54217
107430 Write down all the places dark artifacts were in my house for confiscation. 54219
107433 Remain sitting in my room until I got a reply from Dumbledore. 54219
107440 Dudly walked into the room at that moment and ran into Snape. 54223
107442 Uncle Vernon grabbed Snape's collar and yelled at him. 54223
107447 upstairs and pack my things, I wasn't staying here if Snape was going to be coming on a regular basis. 54225
107455 "Where are Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon?" 54229
107457 ...we were just outside of Hogwarts gates. 54230
107459 ...we were in Diagon Alley. 54230
107461 Uncle Vernon locks them in the basement and boards the door shut. 54231
107462 Dudley comes down when they're in the middle of brewing. 54231
107471 ...Diagon Alley. 54235
107472 ...Knockturn Alley. 54235
107477 ...where exactly is this coming from? I don't trust you. 54237
107478 ...of course we can try again! 54237
107479 ...let me think about it, I have no reason to believe what you say. 54237
107480 office. 54238
107481 ...a bedroom. 54238
107482 ...a kitchen. 54238
107483 ...a living room. 54238
107485 Sit down and try working on something. 54239
107487 Ask why you have to wait for the tide to come in, go out or do anything. 54239
107488 ...strip down to nothing. 54240
107489 ...go in in a school robe. 54240
107491 ...go in in pants. 54240
107492 "Your skin looks blue, Potter." 54241
107493 "Tuck yourself in Potter." 54241
107495 Finders keepers. 54242
107497 "I've been kicked out of my house and need a place to stay." 54245
107498 "I've run away and need protected." 54245
107500 "I want a proper wizards duel, the outcome will determine who will be superior in the coming year." 54245
107507 "Why aren't you ripping me to shreads yet?" 54247
107508 "Where are we going?" 54247
107510 "You have mayo on your chin." 54247
107513 "You're mad." 54249
107514 "I've had a crush on you too." 54249
107516 "Oh! That's the especially rare fire lizard! Where did you find it?" 54250
107518 "Nope, never seen anything like it before. I wonder what it is." 54250
107519 "Well, it doesn't belong to me, it looks like a simple desert lizard." 54250
107520 "I love you and you're going to be mine!" 54251
107522 "I hate myself for even confessing to you!" 54251
107523 "Why won't you understand?" 54251
107524 "I'm running away from here, and taking you with me!" 54251
107533 I could try to call Hermione on the phone. 54255
107534 I could try to sneak Hedwig out with a message for Ron. 54255
107535 I had to sneak out and make sure Draco was okay. 54255
107536 I was sad to leave him. 54256
107537 He was much better off here anyhow. 54256
107538 I decided to lay back in the sun for a bit. 54257
107539 I asked if I could go in the water again. 54257
107540 I wanted to explore a bit, so I asked if it was okay to walk around. 54257
107541 I unpacked. 54258
107542 I checked the door to make sure it would open. 54258
107592 "E-lec-tric cauldrons?" I shouted, appauled. 54273
107593 "No, and I won't accept such things in my dungeon, ever." 54273
107594 I slumped into a nearby seat, so furious that I couldn't think what to say. 54273
107950 Hermione 54478
107952 Ginny 54478
107953 Dumbledore 54478
108218 Best to figure out what happened. 54574
108270 that he would meet her at Diagon Alley on Monday. 54601
108271 his address so she could stop by when she was in town. 54601
108272 that he really couldn't and he was very sorry. 54601
108276 owl Dumbledore. 54605
108277 go directly to the Ministry. 54605
108279 I just knew you'd change your mind eventually! 54606
108280 I will try my best to help you, but I can't gaurantee anything. 54606
108283 a house elf. 54607
108284 my mother. 54607
108285 my father. 54607
108296 I sure could go for some ice cream right about now. 54616
108299 Call Hermione. 54617
108300 Call Ron. 54617
108301 Send a letter to Ron and Hermione to meet you quickly before tomorrow someplace nearby, then tell them 54617
108318 Petunia, she definately isn't one to let people in her home act anything other than what she considers 'normal.' 54627