Loose Ends

There are 65 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
61432 Go out and look for a job. 30118
61436 Keep on working. 30119
61443 Respect his privacy and continue to BS with him. 30123
61444 Find out what's wrong. Maybe you can help him. 30123
61451 Go to the party. 30126
61452 Stay at home. 30126
61455 Give up and go to the party, you're too distracted to write effectively anyway. 30128
61467 Go to Cancun with them. 30136
61724 Involve your parents again, try to make sure they approach Mikey peacefully. 30240
61725 Do not involve your parent, try to talk some sense into Mikey. 30240
61726 Involve no one. It is Mikey's life, and his to do with as he sees fit. Let him make his own choices and mistakes, and hopefully learn from them. 30240
61733 Go talk to him about it? 30244
61734 Go home? It's only pot, no big deal. 30244
61735 Go home and let your parents know what he's doing? 30244
61738 Ask him not to hit you. 30248
62219 Go to her. 30496
62221 Hold back. It's not worth killing yourself over. Things will get better. They have to. 30497
62430 Try to go back to sleep. Ignore that drunken bastard of a father. Getting beat up is not fun. 30628
62431 Go to the party. 30629
62434 Stay behind for a few days and offer comfort to your family. 30631
62435 Explain to kenny that although you want to stay, you cant afford to screw up your midterms. You've still got a few calling cards and you'll be in touch. 30631
64072 Smack that whore. 31454
64148 Stick with your plan on attending college 31489
64149 Stop by the recruiters office 31489
64157 Talk with Kenny about leaving 31493
64165 Listen to what Michael has to say 31498
64171 Talk with Kenny about leaving and try to comfort him 31502
64225 Take the Bravo Extraction Point 31533
64237 Become a Police Officer 31541
64238 Go back to college 31541
64239 Report to your command 31543
64548 Do it. 31707
64549 Refuse, get up and walk away. 31707
64553 Don't kill it. It's not it's fault it fell from the tree, it was just a mistake. 31709
64569 You have to apply pressure to those wounds and raise his arms to limit the blood flow to the wounds. Have your mom call 911. 31717
64570 Run to the phone and call 911. Hurry. 31717
65319 Get a job, you need a roof over your head. 32136
93075 Return the kiss and latch onto her in an embrace. 46518
93635 Explain to him that he is wrong. 46807
93636 Get the hell out of there. 46807
93637 See if you can get a decent grade out of this. 46807
93666 Step in and finish the dog off. 46820
93667 Leave it be. 46820
94793 Find a shelter. 47405
94794 Sleep in the building. 47405
100428 Accept the offer. Maybe you need to get off of this shit. 50630
100429 Rehab is for quitters. You're not a quitter, are you? 50630
100441 Take a breath, calm yourself, and see what she wants. 50636
100442 Close the door and ignore her. 50636
110730 Go to the army, they pay well and you'll be more apt to secure better jobs when you are done. 55973
110732 Talk him down on the price 55974
110733 Move out on your own 55974
110736 Give the baby up for adoption. 55976
110739 Seek employment elsewhere. 55977
110804 Follow the road into the unknown, put the horrors of your life behind you and start over. 56007
111167 Mikey 56229
111168 Kenny 56229
147293 Tell her the two of you need to get married. 74664
147294 Suggest abortion. 74664
147295 Ignore the knock 74665
147296 Answer the door. 74665
166659 Go check it out. Maybe you can help. 85068
166660 Collect Unemployment. 85069
166661 Look for Employment Elsewhere. 85069
166892 Go check it out. Maybe you can help. 85236