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by Thickskullman on Jun 8, 2013
by Clark on Apr 5, 2013
That's not true actually, XTNUMBERS. It's just a large story with many unfinished paths. There are at ten endings that I can remember (it's been a while since I've written or read it), three of which are quite in depth.

Paul has at least two solid endings.

Mikey and Kenny (spoiler alert) die in a whole bunch of different ways.

There are quite a few complete story lines, in fact... Though not all completed story lines lead to an ending.

It's possible that you just don't know what a story line is. Or perhaps you were going for a different word? Or... Maybe you only read some of the story and assumed that you had somehow read everything?

Not really sure. Personally, I think your complaint about it's unfinished status is canceled out by you admitting that you didn't read it all.
by donteatpoop on Jun 2, 2012
Not a single storyline complete, while the writing is good, it frustrates me that the story is incomplete
by Xt1000305 on May 19, 2012
donteatpoop exemplifies everything that is right in the world of literature.
by donteatpoop on Feb 9, 2012
by Yaya1314 on Apr 10, 2011
Wow. I was just checking out random stories when this came up, and I'm telling you it completely caught my attention. It was very compelling. Definitely one of my top three stories on the site
by KingMalice on Oct 20, 2010
Looks like a lot of effort was put into this story! Hope the author continues it!
by happyhak on Aug 14, 2010
This is a heartfelt story, very sad, it seems when things might start to go right and everyone will be happy something bad happens. Just makes me cry.
by Nexsah on Aug 12, 2010
this is undoubtedly the best story on here. donteatpoops username belies the intensity and seriousness of his masterpiece.
by TJMW on Jul 10, 2010
This is your funniest story ever!
by EndMaster on Jun 10, 2009
I loved it but whenever i get to a good part, IT STOPS!!!!!! at first it was a 10 but then...
-6 for it ending
+2 for a good plot
-4 for not letting people add on.
by Leah1597 on Feb 24, 2009
I've read most of this stories branches so far, I thought it was very good, keep working on it, the plot felt very interconnected.
by Deathknight13 on Jul 8, 2008
It is incredibly refreshing to see a story that is gritty and realistic on this site. Not to mention very well written.

I liked how all the decisions made had consequences, but not to equal degrees, and sometimes a certain decision yielded an unexpected result. This was believable and added to the realism of the story. You also brought up some very interesting questions about culpability and forgiveness that stretched far beyond the plot itself.

I just encourage you to continue with it because you have a good thing here and I found myself caring what happened in the lives of all three brothers.
by Vesnicie on Sep 15, 2007
A comment from my wife on the story:

"I don't want to read it anymore! No matter what I do, their lives just get worse. *sob*"

okay, I added the "sob", but it was in her tone.
by donteatpoop on Sep 3, 2007
Before I reset the old ratings, the best comment in the ratings section for me was:

"Most depressing infinite-story site ever. I'm going to go slit my wrists now." - TheKoolAidGuy
by donteatpoop on Sep 2, 2007
by Rockstar on Jul 4, 2007
by Victoria7 on Apr 15, 2007
I like the general concept. Growing up in life. I also like the grim reality as well, as your actions have consequences.
by Vash on Feb 23, 2007
by EndMaster on Feb 18, 2007
I liked the story a lot, so I think I will break down how I rated it. I started it off with a 10.

-1 for a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes
-2 For the fact that right when I was getting really pulled into a story line it showed the add on to this story page...
+2 For making a serious realistic story rather than the usual either comedy or complete fantasy on the site.

That totals it at a 9. Good work.
by apotheosis on Feb 17, 2007
great story really like the levels of depression, I originally gave it a nine but since you have an awesome contributor I'll give it a TEN
by NCPolice55571 on Sep 8, 2005
I apologize in advance for anyone who clicked on one of my stories and expected humor. I realise that it is a bit shocking to read something serious from someone named donteatpoop. If you want funny, read Heroes in a Half Shell. It tries to be funny at times, while still keeping an awkward seriousness to it that, for me, makes it all the more funny. More humor can be found in a faster paced action?adventure story called The Ninja Epidemic. Especialy if you use your friends cell phone.
by donteatpoop on Aug 5, 2005

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