YOU save the entire Universe!

Loose Ends

There are 66 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
18575 "No-one! You've gotta believe me! Those bastards from the medical research program did this to me!" 8930
18589 "What is your name?" 8942
19755 Two hours later, the meal arrives. 9439
25794 Phone Phil and brag about how great you are and how you're off to shag daemonettes 12029
25795 No! This is serious business not to be sullied with such petty hubris! And you can't wait to get some... 12029
25802 Load up the missile launcher and infiltrate the target 12034
26125 "I love it when you talk dirty, you slut." 12191
26126 "Would you care for a drink, mon cheri?" 12191
26129 Follow the magic path back to the source of the barrier. 12194
26143 Run for the stairwell! 12200
27181 Start to feel confused and angry 12707
27952 KAWABLAMMO! 13106
27967 Yes. 13112
27969 Never judge a book by it's cover. 13113
27970 I know Superfightingrobotman. He's my friend. 13113
27971 I know Tom Cruise. He's my friend. 13113
27972 But really, I meant to say that your intelligence is overshadowed by your great boobs. 13113
27973 Bill please! 13113
27974 "Shall we retire.... to my palace of love?" 13114
27975 "No, I meant that I want to put my c..." 13114
27976 "HA HA! Look at that guy's ears!" 13114
27977 Just look smoulderingly at her. 13114
27978 "Not the one on my head!" 13115
27979 "Here, touch it; it's real." 13115
27980 "This reminds me of a night in Tokyo..." 13115
27982 "Did I mention that I'm friends with Superfightingrobotman?" 13115
27986 "I'm going to walk in there and shoot everyone. Any questions?" 13119
32933 Buy another piece of wood and wail on the wall 15584
32934 Construct a needlessly complicated psychic and steel drill to drill through the wall 15584
32936 "Prepare to die, Diddy. I'l make it nice and slllllloooooowwwwwww." 15585
32937 "Diddy, I've come to repossess your life. If you don't surrender it to me, I'll have to rip it away from you with my cold, emotionless hands." 15585
32938 "Diddy, I'm opening a chain of ice cream vehicles, and I was wondering if you could help a brotha out with a loan." 15585
32939 Nothing, you shoot him in the head and relieve the world of a menace. 15585
33548 Rush in quickly and save your donuts! 15891
33549 Rush in quickly and save your employees (grumble, grumble) 15891
33550 Get popcorn, it looks like it will be an awesome show! 15891
46942 In as dignified a manner as one can when wearing torn purple levis, politely nod in understanding, turn and walk away 22613
46944 You came for the grapes. Just get the grapes. If you get the grapes. All will be good. Focus on the grapes. 22614
46945 Urge to smash rising... rising... rising... falling. Wait, no, rising again. 22614
47768 Look into your teachings for an answer 23104
47769 Freak out, wet self, run in terror 23104
47770 Ignore and leave town 23104
48214 stay and think about wats happening in gothic city then go 23318
48378 Sometime later... 23427
48379 Try to reason with it 23428
48380 quit 23428
49405 Join in 24090
49406 Beat up those scheming fairies and demand they fix it 24090
49407 Fight and dine on mole flesh! 24091
49408 Try to recruit mole-man to help you dig your way out 24091
52766 "What about clowns?" the cop questions you. "Don't you hate them too?" 25843
52767 Let's just get down to business! Look out punks, here comes the REVENGINATOR! 25843
63798 use the cows laser beams to blow them up 31315
66776 Hope your sidekick the cow can do something about it 32991
72758 Required 36029
74765 Follow her. 37226
74766 Go back to your fabulous mansion. 37226
74767 Go back to (your name) industries. 37226
130992 Assume you are on Cow's home planet. 65879
130993 Assume you have been out cold for waaayyy longer than you should have. 65879
130994 Think nothing of it. 65879
130995 Pretend to have amnesia. 65879
181377 Woman are in inferior, of course not. 92712
181378 Perhaps 92712