The Teatime Of Infinity

Loose Ends

There are 29 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
72045 He now has super strength. 35562
72046 He now has complete control of the elements. 35562
72050 I need to reach that tea set, so that I can rule the world for no apparent reason! 35563
72052 We need to buy more tea bags! 35563
72066 The others disagree. 35573
72067 We don't need no thought control. 35573
72068 Teacher leave them kids alone, 35573
72143 The Dodecateagroup decides to give Will Their powers. 35614
72145 Will does something really stupid while he's out of his mind. 35614
72912 Lustria, the world of large-breasted, horny women that tend to be visited every month by one horny deity or another. 36132
72914 Exterros, the world of extreme snowboarding, cable pulleys, high dives, volleyball, kickboxers, wallyball, and swordfighters. 36132
72927 Mooby flies to another planet. 36143
72928 Mooby uses the small amount of power he has to alter Chrysanthasha. 36143
72929 Another member of the Dodecateagroup sees Mooby on his/her favorite planet. 36143
73278 side with viking 36310
73672 The door is open, so Will decides to venture outside of his bedroom. 36613
73703 No, that'd wreck the cosmos! Besides, he doesn't even have his crumpet anymore. 36626
73708 Eats the X-ray machine 36628
73722 Will tries to reach inside the referee's bra. 36637
73723 Will makes up an excuse, and then wanders off to find another girl. 36637
73724 Another one of Will's new powers kicks in at that exact moment. 36637
75884 Will decides to put in his two cents. 37738
75885 You decide you've had quite enough of this nonsense. 37738
75886 Something else completely bizarre and random happens. 37738
76933 A school. 38294
76935 The word carving convention in southern Wyoming. 38294
85556 >You fool...< 42545
85557 >This is the true power...< 42545
85558 >Find the Teaset...< 42545