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A Mystical Adventure

Loose Ends

There are 11 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
171752 Head North, towards the mountains in the distance. 87856
171754 Head South towards a large body of water. 87856
171759 Head North towards the Mountains 87860
171760 Head East towards the Desert 87861
171761 Go South to the Sea 87861
171798 Allow the centaur to lead you to his village. 87881
171801 You'd rather not see what this monster is up to. Now's your chance to run. 87885
171803 Quick! Wake Yourself up! 87886
171804 Keep need to figure out how this ends... 87886
171834 Ignore the knife and keep holding out until a better escape plan could be made. You're in the middle of the desert after all. 87940
171836 Head towards the desert hut. You might be able to have some help out here. 87941