A Mystical Adventure

That man saved your life, you decide the best thing you can do is return the favor.

As his hands are about to be bound, you let out a cry of terror and point to the sky. Everyone glances up in fear and try to see what's going on. While chaos ensues, you rush to the man and slam your shoulder into the guard that is holding him.

The man cries out in shock, not expecting to be attacked, and you quickly grab hold of your rescuer's wrist, dragging him through the chattering crowd as you dodge your way through the alleys of the village.

Both you and the man pant to catch your breaths. He looks up at you with a smile and rests a hand on your shoulder, "Thank you for saving me." He stretches and rolls his shoulders, "I know this makes us even, but I must be allowed to repay you."

His hand reaches forward and he presses it against your forehead. He begins to whisper in a foreign language, and you feel a warmth spread throughout you. As he removes his hand, he smiles.

"Say the word Shield, and you will be protected from harm for a brief amount of time. Be forewarned, you can only use it once..."

Before you can thank him, the man suddenly disappears in a flash of light. Sighing softly, you glance around and try to figure out where to go from here.

To the North you see the tips of mountains...though how far they are are beyond you.

To the East is a long desert, an easy place to get lost, but it seems like there is a mound that could possibly be a village in the distance.

And to the south is perhaps a sea or an ocean...Perhaps a village near the water could be helpful.