A Mystical Adventure

The centaur speaks to the others in a foreign language. You groan, unable to understand a word they say, but the horse-man walks forward and bows respectfully to you and the winged cat.

"I apologize for my behavior." he spoke softly, "We have had many problems with humans in the past. I see you are the one who speaks to the Winged Tiger. This creature is part of an age-old prophecy that all races are aware of." He states.

You look at the tiger in amazement and BloodFang sits back on his haunches, smirking happily and stretching his wings like a vain bird.

You can't help but smile at the creature's antics, "Alright...so what does that mean for me?"

The centaur looks around and motions for you to follow. You nod and watch as the tiger transforms back into his smaller form, leaping into your arms and purring softly.

"So...you must decide, shall we tell you back at our village? Or will you be more comfortable in a more private spot?" He asked, lifting a brow curiously.