A Mystical Adventure

You bite your lip worriedly as the centaur speaks, but you're curious as to what he's implying. You sense his betrayal, and watch as the mist before him starts to stir.

A cloaked being begins to form, a skeletal head resting upon the shoulders. The hood covers the creature's hair-covered head, but its large blue eyes stare at your very soul.

"What isss thisss we have?" The being asks as it drifts closer to you. You could feel BloodFang shivering in your arms and you stand your ground, glaring at the creature.

"I'm nobody." You state, "I was just leaving."

The creature appears before you as quick as a flash. You back away, feeling a chill rush through your body at its closeness.

"Why leave? We had such wonderful planssss...don't you wish to hear of them?" He asks, smirking dangerously.