From Darkness It Comes

Today Is The End

A haggard and filthy young man sits stooped over and in deep concentration. He is covered in what appears to be patches of dried mud or blood that are now slowly starting to flake off of him. He does not at all appear to have had a good day but few will ever know the truth about how bad things actually got or the events that led up to them. His name is Darrin, Darrin Dravin. He was, or is, a student at Northern State University, the second largest college in the state, where he studied Photography and Business. Now he is a huddled mass unable to put two coherent words together as he stares into nothing. Lost in thought.

It seems like only yesterday when this all really started. First days on campus. First time living away from home. Everything so new and fresh. So full of hope and dreams of what the future held. Innocent and free. No longer. Nobody is innocent any more. Nobody is free. Especially not me. Not after what happened. Not after I lost her. So soon after I found her. I lost her. Forever.

Tears start to slowly flow from Darrin's eyes, soaking into the dirt. Muddy cheeked he drops his head into his hands and thinks of her. His only love. Lisa Redford.

The most beautiful creature ever to be put on this Earth. Long flowing red hair. Amazing green eyes I would find myself getting lost in for hours. Everything I ever dreamed of and more. Now gone. Even when arguing over something I would simply listen to the sound of her voice and be amazed that she was with me. But no more. How could I have let her go. Lost her. Lost so many. So many lives. So much pain. So much evil. So much darkness.

Darrin collapses onto his side and curls up into a ball. A sticky wet pool collecting around his head as he lays there, completely entrenched in his thoughts.

Why did I listen to him. Why didn't I listen enough. How could I have known. Mr. Stark never gave me enough to know what I was truly getting into. But I never would have survived if it wasn't for him. But what about the others. Why couldn't he help them. Wouldn't help them. Allow me to help them. Her. Always mysterious. Always dark. How could I have known. Should have known. Could have done more. Should have…

Darrin is little more than a quivering mass laying on the ground. His mind is completely unaware of his surroundings . Nothing exists but his thoughts and memories.

Done more. Different. If only I could go back and do things again. Try harder. Perhaps things would be different. Perhaps I would still have her. Perhaps I could have stopped it before. Stopped the pain. Stopped the death. Put an end to its evil. I could have kept her with me. If only I could make different choices. If only I could go back to that beginning. Go back to when I was full of hope. Go back to that yesterday… Go back…