From Darkness It Comes

By: Dragavan

There is an ancient evil below Northern State University and it is waking. A lone student is the last hope to stop this evil, but at what cost. Darrin just wants to get on with his life, marry the perfect girl, and become a professional photographer. Sometimes fate has other designs on our lives. Slowly he is drawn into his destiny, where he has to face not only his fears but the source of evil itself. As the clues lead him further along the darkness starts to stir and flex its muscles. Dark things are ahead for this poor young man, but only he has the power to put a stop to it. Will he succeed?

My goal for this story is a tale of characters that grow as everything they know to be safe and true slowly crumbles around them. I want to see the tone of the story start relatively light and get darker as it gets closer to the ending we glimpse at the beginning. Our main characters will be Darrin Dravin, the central character and our last hope, Lisa Redford, his love interest and all around great girl, and the enigmatic Mr. Stark, who shows up to give hints and push Darrin from time to time. The unseen character, at least at first, is the evil that stirs below the school and starts to pull the strings.

What I ask is that those who choose to add to this story will do so in the same style and detail as I have set up in my additions. I don't want to see simple one line descriptions or "do you go right or left" type choices. I don't want to see this deteriorate into a second person – "You walk into the room" – story, it is a third person story about Darrin and the events happening around him. Be creative, use the medium to its fullest, and work towards the goal of creating an interesting story. And don't forget that we already know the ending… but how did we get there?

And please don't be offended if your additions are highly edited or rejected, as the story has to flow and feel right to me. I am being more strict and stringent with this one, so spelling, grammar, and story feel are all vital elements. If you happen to see any of these kinds of errors in the story, please message me and let me know so I can correct them in the next edit. Thanks.

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