Country USA
LocationDarkside of Reality
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Personal Statement

Dragavan is an aspiring artist, who focuses on writing and game design, but also does some cartooning the graphic design. He started his on-line interactive fiction writing at StorySprawl.com on a fun little story called Dreams of Esterton, but soon found this place and started his long dark epic (From Darkness it Comes).

Some of Dragavan's other writing and almost all his artwork can be found on his Deviant Art Account. Almost all of his adult writing can be found at his Adult Writing Site and at the Fake College Site he created to house all the stories he has within the same theme

His first published game was finished in summer of 2006 and sold through RPG Now's store (Lootin' Wizards). It's a fun little card and board game sold as a downloadable PDF.

His longest worked on gaming creation, the Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game, now has a information and support page open to the public (The Land of Karn). The page even includes a playable Basic Version of the complete game that will eventually be available for sale on RPG Now as well. It is a fantasy game of adventure and fun, with player fully accessible rules for everything from standards like combat to complete spell creation. Once the game is released, purchasers of the books will also have special access to a completely expanded and up to date interactive set of the rules on the page (The Land of Karn).

After much work is done on the Land of Karn page and more is done with the games he will finish up and get ready for sale on RPG Now, Dragavan will set up his game company's site to the public (Dragavan Games)... Dragavan Games exists through RPG Now, but right now there is nothing on his own site.