Exploitation Theater

The Goth has pissed you off the most so you waste no time in attacking him first.

You land a good right hook to his jaw, he makes an effeminate yelp and falls to the floor. His girlfriend tries to help him up, but he's nearly knocked out cold. He only makes mumbling sounds.

"You bastard! Look what you did!" his girlfriend cries and drags him out of the theater.

Meanwhile the teenager who was more bark than bite is having second thoughts about this whole thing.

"Holy shit dude you're crazy! It's just a fucking movie man! I'm getting out of here!" he yells and runs off. The rest of the theater audience goes back to watching the movie now that the live show is over.

Feeling completely victorious you settle back down in your seat smiling. Your girlfriend says nothing, but just shakes her head at you.

"What?!" you question.
"…well at least you won." She says before going back to watch the movie.

You look around your throne room. Bloody body parts and entrails lay all over the place and in the middle of the carnage you stand victorious. They tried to kill you, and while they succeeded, it only served to make you stronger. You help Katrina up who was temporarily knocked unconscious during the assassination attempt.

"Shit, I should've been more on top of my game!" Katrina exclaims.
"No worries, my beloved. This event was quite a fortuitous one. I shall personally thank my enemies when I crush them."
"What are you talking about…wait, something IS different about you. I can sense it…"
"Of course you can. You're a sorceress of death! You can tell that I am no longer among the living and I for one am glad to be rid of the weakness of the flesh!"

Katrina touches you, just to be sure and that's when she notices the several fatal stab wounds to your chest that would've undoubtedly killed you. It is by the power of your own will and ties to death that have allowed you to continue your existence.

"Wow…you're really dead…that's so fucking hot. I do hope not all of you is dead."
"Never fear Katrina, that will never die so long as I desire your body." You say and you and Katrina proceed to make love in the bloody throne room.

Katrina rolls around bathing in the blood of your enemies as you thrust your dead member into her warm flesh while slack jawed zombie servants watch. Once again some of them feel the stirrings of their primal instincts and begin to follow suit, by having sex with each other as well as the various body parts lying on the floor. One of them is really going to town with the carved out liver of some demon.

More undead are brought forth that day as your necRomantic love making cracks the barrier to the world of the dead wider open.

None can stand against you after that day. The pathetic Order of the Night makes an attempt, but fails spectacularly. In their final moments you invaded their secret lair in the middle of one of their decadent orgies. They didn't have a chance. Their cherished Lord Ralanski begged for his pitiful life, even presenting his ass to you in some twisted form bargaining.

You were amused and shoved a wooden stake in it before pulling his heart out through his back.

The next to fall was Geltrix's demon Kingdom. The demons were never the most organized at the best of times and could barely keep it together enough to fight you and the alliance of good. You took advantage of that fact and merely waged a relentless organized war against him. Eventually you wore down his defenses to such a degree and the demons started arguing with each other about whether or not they should just cut their losses and head back to Hell where they could easily rape doomed mortal souls instead.

After all was said and done Geltrix lost most of his fighting force and you made a lightning strike into the heart of his territory before the alliance of good could. Geltrix put up a good fight, but ultimately he was decapitated and literally skull fucked by your elite wight guard.

That only left the forces of good, lead by none other than your sister and your father.

"There's only one thing standing in the way Katrina of total victory."
"Yes I know…are you really going to kill them?"
"…well truth be told I'd rather my sister join us, but her unnatural love for our father will prevent her from doing so. She never realized that he merely abused her in a whole different way."
"Well I guess you know what you have to do."

"Shit, I have to take a piss!" you exclaim as the urge suddenly creeps up on you.
"Huh? Well go then!" your girlfriend replies.
"Argh, but I've missed so much of the movie already! I don't want to miss anymore!"
"Well if you have to go that badly, you better go. It's not going to do you any good to piss yourself."
"There shouldn't be too much left of the movie as I remember. Maybe I could hold it."
"Hmmm, and maybe you better not." Your girlfriend says looking at you wiggle in your seat in discomfort.

You squirm in your seat as you ponder your dilemma.

You have 2 choices: