Exploitation Theater

What are you going to do? Your girlfriend possibly forgot to lock the car door and wants to actually watch the movie that you dragged her to see in the first place. There's not much you can do except go check the car.

"Alright I'll check." You grumble.
"Thanks dear."

You leave the theater and enter the parking lot as quick as you can. You find that she did indeed leave the door unlocked and given that you've noticed some unsavory characters lurking around, it's good that you came out when you did.

When you get back inside, you're back just in time to see some brunette woman with big tits in a chain mail bikini giving head to some old bearded muscular guy.

"Ahhh yeah, suck it. You love it don't you princess? Tell your daddy how much you love to suck his cock. Tell him how much you love to suck it and swallow all his cum."

Princess took the dick out of her mouth briefly and looked up at her father with pre-cum and saliva clinging and still connecting her lips to his dick.

"Oh yes daddy, I love to suck your big cock and swallow all your cum just like I did when I was a little girl. Give it to me daddy. Give me your creative juices. Give me all of it!"

At this point Princess placed her father's gigantic cock back into her mouth and continued to slurp, suck and swallow. Her father held on to the back of her head loving every minute of it, she was better at sucking dick than her mother ever was, but of course he had time to train her from childhood.

At last he released his spunk into her mouth, where upon she swallowed most of it, but even the stuff that got on her face brought her to orgasmic joy.

"Mmm, that was tasty daddy. (Slurp)" Princess said as she continued to lick and suck the tip of his wet semen drenched dick.

His little warrior princess was his little whore and always would be and nobody could ever take her place.

"General, there's something that needs your attention!" some underling yelled from behind a locked door.
"(Slurp) Mmm, WHAT?! I told you not to disturb me while I was meeting with my father!" Princess replied angrily.
"Forgive me my general for interrupting your meeting with your father, but I feel there's something you should know. In fact your father may also want to hear this. The city that your brother was studying magic in has been overrun with undead!"
"What? Undead?"
"Yes general and I'm afraid that's not the bad news."
"Oh well so my son's dead, big deal." Her father replied wrongly anticipating the bad news.
"Erm…no…your son…and your brother is not dead. In fact reports indicate that he's responsible for this undead horde. Reports also indicate that surrounding towns are being destroyed as we speak. The emperor wants to speak to you as soon as possible since he wants no effort wasted to take out this new threat. And while it's known that your father is a mercenary, the emperor is offering him a contract to help."

"(sigh) Alright, I'll be out in a moment." Princess said wiping off her lips and getting some water to wash her face.

"So, the little bastard finally went over the edge eh? On one hand I'm surprised he had the balls to do it, but on the other hand I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering what we found him doing that day."
"Father, I love you and your cock makes my pussy wetter than a swamp goblin but you really shouldn't have been so hard on him when we were growing up."
"Huh, he needed to grow up and be a man! So I gave him a few beatings every once in awhile. Big fucking deal. His mother coddled him too much. It's no wonder we caught him fucking her corpse the day she committed suicide."
"Well that was just sad. He was sobbing the whole time. I mean while she was nice to him, they never shared the close relationship that we did. I suppose that was just his last misguided attempt at showing how much he really loved her."
"Bah, he was a sick and twisted little pup and always will be. Anyways, the emperor's dumb ass will probably be too busy with his harem as usual, so how about we just finish our time together? You can just bend over and I'll take care of the rest like I did on your twelfth birthday." her father said as he grinded up behind her while grabbing her hips.
"Tee hee, okay daddy."

"And you said you saw this when you were little?" your girlfriend asks.
"Yeah, why?" you reply.
"Nothing, just explains a lot of your weird requests in the bedroom."

"I think we should rename this city Desolation." You say to Katrina.
"Hmm, I suppose it could work. So what did you have in mind next?"
"Well shoring up our defenses is the first thing we should do, but I suppose we should expand where possible."
"Well let's consider what…"

Before Katrina can continue, one of your skeleton messengers arrives.

"Master I hate to bother you and Mistress Katrina, but it would seem you have some visitors…diplomats actually."
"Diplomats? From where?"
"Well, one is claiming to be from the Order of Night. Vampires I believe master. His name is Baron Odagski. The other is an unusually calm demon fellow by the name of Crimson who's from the Demon Kingdom. Both of them have already heard of your deeds and are talking about discussing an alliance against the forces of good.

"Alliance huh? Well I suppose there's no harm in listening to either of them, not that I trust either of their kind."

After dismissing your undead servant, the two emissaries enter your throne room.

"Greeting from the Order of Night. Lord Ralanski sends his regards." Odagski proclaims in a polite if effeminate manner.
"Yeah and a big fuck you from Geltrix, king of the demon realm." Crimson says less politely.

"Nice. So you're here for an alliance? Why the hell should I trust either of your people?"
"Well I can't speak for my demon friend here, but I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding. I'm here to try to convince you to stop this foolishness. Your actions are a threat to the status quo that we vampires have enjoyed for centuries. You get all these humans in a tizz about undead and all that, well they just might be inclined to start hunting vampires again out of fear and we couldn't have that. Not to mention the problems you'll cause with depleting our food supply!"
"So what the fuck do you want me to do exactly?"
"Well Lord Ralanski does recognize power like yours and you and your significant other would be most welcome in our circle. Power from behind the scenes is our way and you could be part of it!"
"Yeah and we'd have to be sucking Lord Ralanski's cock the whole time, figuratively and most likely literally too. I know how you blood leeches are and no fucking way." You reply much to the dismay of Odagski, you then turn your attention to Crimson.

"Now what's your story asshole?"
"Me? Geltrix just sent me to tell you that while he fully intends on destroying you utterly, he says he's not opposed to a short term alliance against the forces of good in the meantime."
"Well at least he's honest, but if he's going to attack me eventually anyway, I fail to see why we should help each other. He just wants someone to take the brunt of the attacks while he builds up. He can go fuck himself too."

At this point Odagski and Crimson look at each other and nod.

"We thought you'd feel that way, good thing WE had an alliance before hand!"

At this point Crimson gates in several demons while an equal number of vampire assassin break in through the windows.

"Ha ha. The fool should've never defied the will of the vampires. I hope they kill those dumb ass demons too." The goth nearby chuckles. This comment draws the ire of some teenager wearing a "Satan Rules" t-shirt and ton of metal piecing in his face.
"No way dude! The demons are going to come out on top!" he shouts.

At this point the dumb fucks start sniping each other over this stupid shit causing you to speak up even though your girlfriend urges you not to make a big deal about it.

"Will both you fucking assholes shut the fuck up, I'm trying to watch the movie! Christ, the vampires and demons aren't even the focus of the goddamn movie! And pale boy weren't you just bitching at me not too long ago for making some noise?"
"Yes, but I have a good reason! I'm defending the integrity of the vampire race!" he declares.

Holy fuck, he's not just a poseur, he's one of those dumb fuckers that actually BELIEVES this shit.

"Look dicksnot, even if there were such things as vampires, I doubt if they'd want someone as lame as you defending them and as for you, demons wouldn't want your stupid ass either except maybe for food or rape."
"Hey I ain't no faggot, fuckhead!" the teenager exclaims jumping up and getting into a position to attack.
"I demand satisfaction!" the Goth demands and stands up as well.

Maybe you're experiencing your own delusions due to getting too much "into the movie" and the battle music playing right now isn't helping, because you reply with:

"I'm sure your girlfriend does too since I doubt you get hard around girls. Why don't you ask metal face there to join you two for a three way? I'm sure his two seconds still wouldn't please your girl, but it's his best chance to lose his virginity before he's forty."

At this point your own girlfriend places her hand on her face as you stand up to get into a fight with these two fucktards.