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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

Kecleon: "Why'd you beat up my brother some floors down?!? Thanks for that!"

The Kecleon walks off, leaving you a little curious as to what that was about. You decide to go back and ask Kecleon about that.

Charmander: "What was that about?"

Kecleon: "I don't know. You made a cool speech up there, and then I realized you were the guy who robbed my brother. I really wanted to say 'Thanks and good job' because he is such a stupid scam artist."

Wait...what?!? you think. Did Kecleon just say scam artist? You reach down and stroke them golden, silk ribbon that is tied around your neck. Then you look really closely at it. It looks a bit like a Gold Ribbon. Yeah, a lot...

Charmander: "*unties Pure Ribbon from neck* Kecleon, how much is this worth?"

Kecleon: " looks a lot like a Gold Ribbon...yes, it is, so I'd give you 2,000 Poke."

Pikachu: "Wait...what the fuck?!? I thought that was your Pure Ribbon thingy."

Kecleon: "*laughing* HAHAHAHAHA!!! A Pure Ribbon?!? Let me guess. My brother pulled some sick joke on you by trying to sell off Gold Ribbon as a 'Pure Ribbon'. He probably asked for some ridiculously high price, say 4,500? But you either didn't have the money, or didn't want to pay, so you robbed him instead. What a pathetic loser my brother is! Ha!"

Pikachu: "WTF?!?!?! You're brother is a fucking ass The next time I see him, he is going to fucking wish he was never fucking born! First, I'll---"

Charmander: "Pikachu, chill. We didn't even pay for it. Well, I like it anyways. It compliments my skin. *to Kecleon* Well, thanks for at least telling us that. I suppose we better go before those idiots *points to crowd* realize that they're idiots."

???: "Ow, my foot! KEEP FIGHTING!!!"

Kecleon: "I feel bad that you guys got ripped off, though. Here, you can take one item from my shop, free. Whatever you want, it is yours. But please, only take one; I don't want to lose too much money."

Charmander: "That's really nice of you. Thanks."

Donphan: "Don't bother wasting your free item on me...Just get something for yourself... ... ...I want an enchilada..."

You look around. This Kecleon is definitely better off than his brother. There are tons of evolutionary items, stat items, you name it, he has it. What do you take? Here's the list: