YOU save the entire Universe!

The wise old sage nods and over the following months (which is pretty quick, if you think about it....) you learn all the secrets of the mystic arts. The Haggard One, you learn is the last bastion of defence between the mortal world and otherworldly forces which seek to consume it. Worse yet, his time is near. The old master is dying and someone must carry his burden lest the whole world tumble into the abyss.
That person is YOU. YOU must save the entire universe! YOU are Doctor Wyrd, master of forbidden ancient lost mysteriousness. With you lies the fate of every living being. As the Haggard One breathes his last you set off back to America, a source of insanity and evil, ready to stem the tide of corruption...
But will you tread this path alone? Or do you seek aid in your mystical quest?