The Teatime Of Infinity

Eons ago, there was an item of the Gods. Actually, there were many, but most of them don't count. The focus of this tale is of one item. Well, a set of items, really. Y'know what? This narrative doesn't work well if I keep throwing in details like that. Ruins the entire atmosphere. The point is, it's a silver tea set.

No one knows who the Gods of olde were, but we do know that there were twelve of them. They called themselves The Dodecateagroup. They would wind their way through the wisping, whirling threads of the cosmos, meeting in a pre-determined place: Infinity. What could possibly inspire such a long pilgrimage? A cup of tea with friends.

But this was no ordinary tea party. It was a tea party of the Gods. They would chat about what their mortals were getting up to, who they disguised themselves as on their last trip, and what divine intervention they had planned to do next.

And the tea set began to grow. The power of the Gods had been imbued within the silver metal, and odd things began to happen. The sugar bowl began to grow life within its cubes. The saucers began to levitate, and sped off to hover in the atmosphere of primative planets. The teapot and one of the teacups ran off to star in a Disney Movie.

But one day, They stopped coming. The Gods never returned to Infinity. The tea set, no longer fueled by the Gods' power, was magic no longer. The sugar bowl stopped, the saucers returned, and the teapot and teacup left behind a Broadway career. Soon, the wonders of Infinity were lost in the mists of legends.

But they say there is still great power lying dormant in Infinity. Anyone who manages to find the entrance to Infinity, and drinks from the silver tea set, will gain the power of the Gods. All it takes is a simple crumpet...