The Prophet

Itus the faithful farmer, follower of the one true god Alru has lived a life of piety and peace. He has enjoyed a comfortable living and owes much of it to the ancient teachings of Alru the all knowing. For Itus a journey will begin that will test his faith and give him unimaginable power. But can that power save his soul?

It began in a dream as you lay next to your wife on a breezy summer night. A voice called to you, softly at first but became so loud you awoke from your slumber. Your wife hadn't stirred an inch and as you crawled from bed to quench a thirst, out of the corner of your eye a bright light from outside the homes window garners your attention. Stepping out onto your marbled balcony you behold a bedazzling scene. A mighty looking man levitates before you, wreathed in golden fire. His beard flows like the tides of the sea and his eyes hold all wonders of the stars within them. Clad in emerald armor he points to you and speaks in words that are both delicate and booming. You know not how this is possible.

"Itus! Do you know who I am child?" You immediately fall to your knees in terror of this being. Quivering, you reply,"Only the one true god could be so immaculate! You are he, Alru! The creator of all things!"

"Loyal and faithful servant, you have preached my word to all you know! Now I command thee to be my prophet, so all the world may know me!" An incredible honor from the one true god! Your heart has nearly leapt from your chest.

"I live only to serve you mighty Alru! What do you ask of me?"

The flaming bearded man does not hesitate to give you his desired task, " I command thee to journey to the foul city of Nessal! The people there are on a road to ruin, committed to debauchery, thieving and whoring. They know me not. You shall have them turn from these evil ways or I shall reduce their city to nothing but dust!"

Nessal couldn't be any farther away from home. Hundreds of miles away, a ship must be taken otherwise the trip could take months. Even by boat, it will be an arduous journey.

" What of my family? My farm? My servants? How long shall I be gone?" You inquire.

" All you have been given is of me. Your goal is eternal bliss in the heavens, not material things. You will be away for as long as I require. Trust that I will be faithful to you as you have been faithful to me."

You've had a wonderful and successful life. Little strife has ever come your way and you have truly believed that all to be thanks to the word of Alru. His ancient scrolls and texts you have studied your entire existence. Now he comes to you in the flesh and asks you to basically throw it all away for a solitary journey for his glory and teachings to be spread to the four corners of the world. Do you accept this once in a lifetime chance or remain satisfied in your current life with the chance of upsetting this fiery deity?