The Prophet

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I liked it.
by dungeondelver on Nov 25, 2017
Epic :D
by ravenclawz on Oct 22, 2014
(Revising my previous joke review because I felt bad that the only other comment was from some unfunny jackass who joined the site just to tell you he didn't read it.)

Anyway, this is an entertaining story and people SHOULD read it, even unfunny jackasses. I can see why you won. My only complaint is that it's unfinished...tried to play it serious and do the Moses thing and hit a bunch of dead ends, so for now, until others are available I just have to call the ending involving Bessie's supple haunches my favorite, it made me 'LOL', as the kids like to say on their frightening and confusing handheld communication devices.
by mizal on Jun 25, 2014
the prophet!awesome name and I didn't read it
by Superstarwriter44 on Jun 15, 2014
I like how everyone let you win the contest, but didn't bother to rate your story on the actual site. Where are all your so-called friends NOW, BatCuntery? Now that you need stars they have completely abandoned you.

anyway pretty okay story. Sort of. I guess.
by mizal on Jun 11, 2014

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