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Alien Abduction!!1!

Loose Ends

There are 10 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
152691 Wait, maybe we should get some more guns.... 77670
152717 Kick @$$ deadly! We'll defeat the aliens! 77681
152722 Get someone else. 77684
168435 Quick! Grab Rayner's arm and dive for it! 86098
168436 Rayner's an alien like them. You're human. You should hide yourself! 86098
168446 "You are going to tell us. Or we'll rough you up a little bit..." 86104
168447 "She's useless. Let's get a different hostage." 86104
168450 GRAB THE BANANA!!! 86105
168619 The convenient one with Earth on it! Home!! 86218
168620 Wait. Earth sucked. Explore new planets! 86218