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Alien Abduction!!1!

"What? Leader... We already kidnapped her.. If we let her go, she'll rat us out!" protested a man beside you. This made the crowd burst into agreement. They weren't feeling particularly kind, apparently. "She'll get the others!" "We should keep her!" "No! Let's kill her!"
"We aren't going to kill her!" you interrupt them. "Look, she was just doing her job. She can't help it. We can keep her here until we come up with a different plan, that way she can't warn anyone else."
The people calmed down a little, still respecting your word as their leader.
"Well.. what should we do instead?" asked a woman.
"I think we-"
You stopped talking when you noticed the alien was emitting a high pitched squeal almost inaudibly. You whirled around to look down at her. You realized she now looks nothing like she did a second ago. She looked much older, her clothing changed to torn black leather tight around her now voluptuous curves, her hands clutched a gigantic 4 foot spear decorated with bloody hooks dangling by chains, and her mouth opened sideways and revealed fangs exactly like a spider's. Then you whipped around once more as a loud bang sounded against one of the room's doors. The humans around it either quickly ran to the other side or tried to block the door with their bodies. But it didn't work. They were simply too weak in comparison. Out from the door burst..! A banana with wings!! It flapped over to the shapeshifting alien warrior and landed on her shoulder like a pirate's parrot.
"Weak minded FOOLS!" she roared menacingly. "You gave up your chance to escape just because I appeared female!" Her giant spider fangs bared, she spit green oozy saliva in your direction.
Her muscular arms lifted the spear high above her head. Her bloodthirsty eyes locked onto her target: your forehead.