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Alien Abduction!!1!

You press the one with the.. yeah, you know what you pressed. The ship lurches forward and you quickly grip a panel for support. You hear the 'fwoosh' of rockets igniting. Metal creaking against metal. Then you lurch again. You can feel the ship slowly moving. So you wak up to the windshield and peer outside. Slowly the stars are moving past you. You're on a smaller ship, flying away from the mother ship!!
You quickly plop down in the chair and buckle yourself in (Safety first!) tightly. Then you reach out and grab hold of the controls. The ship immediately plunges downward. You scream and pull up hard, feeling the ship creak and groan as the nose lifts and you return to a decent speed.
.....Then you hit the auto-pilot button.
So, you look for some more buttons to fiddle with. Might as well. Buttons!! Convenient