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Alien Abduction!!1!

"Let it speak, but hold it down," you say. The people holding the mouth of the squirming alien release its lips. The alien screams in terror. One person smacks it across the face hard. "No," you say, rushing over. The alien looks at you fearfully, but shuts up. It's breathing quickly and looks terrified. You decide to play good cop bad cop. "I don't want to hurt this creature. No, that's not what we're about..." You lean close and eye the creature up. "Do you understand and speak our language?" The creature makes some strange noise and looks about fearfully. "No? Well that is really a bummer.... I mean, we're looking for answers here. And we realllly need them." You lean close enough to breathe on it. "And while I'm not here to be violent, I can't really control these people well. See, I'm barely leader here. I couldn't do a thing if they decided to tear you apart... snap a limb or two..." You dramatically eye up your army. They obviously heard your act and are looking particularly rageful. The creature looks at you and your people back and forth a few times. Then it shakes and speaks. "Ok, ok, I have an implant to make me understand and speak, alright! Just please, let me live! Please!" it begs. You look at this creature again. The voice.... it must be a girl. It's a rather small creature with strange yellow stuff that you realize must be hair. It certainly isn't like anything you've seen before. "Hmmm... perhaps they'll listen.... if you cooperate like a good little alien. Now we've got some questions for you. What are they kidnapping humans for, for starters." The aliens looks around at all the people and trembles. "L-look, I'm no one... I only do what they say... So they don't tell me much..."
"Really? That's a shame. But I'm sure you know a little, since you're working for them," You run your hand down her... 'hair.' She flinches away from you. "Won't you relay a little bit more for me..?"
She nods fearfully. "They have me refill the airtanks for the humans to breathe... They want them alive... But I don't know what for!" One person grabs your shoulder and whispers in your ear so the alien won't hear. "I don't think she's helpful. We should throw her in the back and grab another alien. Maybe one more powerful," You consider.