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Reality Shift

Hey there. I'm Usoki, the author of this story. This is a story about the adventures of Isaac, and his friend Vince. You know, the person you were supposed to meet at Hub Central?

Look, I know that this is a CYOA story. When you pretend to be the main character, you could do almost anything. Your imagination is limited only by the number of choices that the author gives you. So, yes, it's nice to have multiple options. But this is also a story. If you don't go and meet Vince, there will be no story. Who wants to read a story about a guy who has a lazy day off from work? No one! They want to read a story about a guy who has all sorts of interesting things happening to him! And since this is a CYOA story, you even get to choose what interesting things happen to him! Isn't that nifty?

You were not supposed to pick this option. This option is very boring. It exists only to demonstrate that you, the reader, will have multiple options throughout the story. Sure, Isaac could choose not to meet up with his friend Vince. But why would he do that? Exactly. He wouldn't.

You have 1 choice: