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Reality Shift

Isaac awoke with a sudden jolt. It wasn't the smell of the coffee that had been timed to start brewing at 7:55, or the three course breakfast that appeared on the table at 8:00. He woke up at 8:00 because that was what he had told his body to do. Sitting up in bed, he tried shake away the groggy feeling clouding his head. As always, it never quite worked.

"Computer, set!#Isaac==Casual_3" Moments later, Isaac was awake and alert, fully dressed in his one of his favorite outfits. He hopped out of bed, habitually adjusting his collar as he walked over to the breakfast table. "Display!#Mission_Objectives," he said, sitting down at the table.

"No important daily tasks," announced a voice. "User #67037-1492 has scheduled a server transfer to visit you. User #67037-1492 will visit from Server Yggdrasil in 0.422 hours. It is recommended that you wait at Hub Central to greet him."

"Oh, good, I was hoping I'd have the day free to spend with Vince," he said, skimming through the newspaper. None of the hyperlinks seemed interesting, so he scrolled down until he could see the comic images. His breakfast went unnoticed; he didn't actually need to eat, of course, but he had been raised by traditional, humanist parents, and having the smell of bacon and eggs had become something of a morning ritual. If nothing else, quaint reconstructionist habits of the old ways helped past the time. It certainly didn't hurt anything- the food would be deleted as soon as he walked out the door.

He took one last look at his reflection before heading out the door. Medieval fashion was the current trend, but he hated the restriction of armor and the idiotic dress-like appearance of robes. 19xx history might not be fun to simulate... but at least they wore pants like decent human beings.