Reality Shift

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After the fifth choice that couldn't afect anything this just became boring to me, the story seems to be completely linear so far, the options on what to do with your friend in your house and what simulation to play (which only change 1 page or part of one) would be ok if there where some actually meaningful choices around them, but this is frustrating.
by Silvonch on Oct 19, 2017
The story part is great. I may be biased here, since I'm a sucker for brain-uploading sci-fi and all that, but it still genuinely made me want to read it. However, the interactivity was heavily limited, with the important choices being blocked off by the author saying "*shh* this isn't the choice I want you to make, go back and push the other button". Even a simple dead-end would be better than this. Mainly since this breaks the immersion, but also because it goes against the concept of interactive fiction, which this website is all about. Despite all that, I would happily read a sequel to this. Keep going!
by Sobsz on Aug 5, 2017
The first story I have read on this site and it was awesome. This idea would make for a pretty cool MMORPG
by kmansnake14 on Jun 18, 2017
309.68 words per page on average 50 pages that is a long and awesome story I would give you a 9 but that would ruin your 5 stars
by kFzz962 on Jun 16, 2016
by Thickskullman on Aug 29, 2013
Ahoy, Contest Winner! I must commend you for an excellent effort most smashingly well executed! In this triumphant story, you have woven suspense, high thrills, mystery, friendship, righteous endeavor and peerless courage into a fine and seamless tapestry of literary merit. I tip my cloche to you, good sir!
by BearBipolarBear on Mar 30, 2012
Well you won the tournament for a damn good reason. This is undobtedly the best thing I've read from you. The characters seem real enough and you the worlds were described perfectly, you made the reader realize what was going on instead of dumbing it down and just telling them. All in all, great story diserving of the win.
by donteatpoop on Feb 18, 2012

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