Time Traveller

Throwing caution to the winds, you grit your teeth and look around frantically for anything you might use as a weapon. Your questing hands find half a brick that has dropped out of the wall. You grimace. It'll have to do.

Rushing out, you dash up behind the dark figure and crash the brick down upon the Ripper's head. There is a sickening wet thump and the black-cloaked figure goes down in a heap. The knife clatters to the cobbles.

Disgusted, you toss the brick away. You've just murdered one of the world's most famous murderers. But now the girl is kneeling there on the cold stone, weeping. You've saved the life of Dark Annie.

"I-is he dead, sir?" she asks you, eyeing your strange clothing. She is shaking violently.

You bend and roll the figure over. The cloak falls open and the hat rolls off to display a narrow face with a moustache and a thin neck. The eyes are lifeless and staring, caught in an expression of surprise.

"Oh my lord," Dark Annie gasps, gazing down upon the body. "That there's the Prince, sir, the Prince!"

"What?" you demand, "Which Prince?"

"That's Prince Albert, sir."

"So," you breathe to yourself, "The Ripper is uncovered at last."

Prince Albert was one of the forefront suspects in the Ripper case, though no definitive evidence could be found. But here's the evidence right here, bleeding onto London's cobbles. You've killed the Ripper and killed a Prince! You figure it's time to go. You take a surreptious photograph of the body.

"Annie, get somewhere safe and stay there," you tell her.

"How d'you know my name?" She calls, but you've already vanished into the night, heading back for where you concealed the machine.

Clambering inside, you quickly set it for your home time; the Overseer needs to see this evidence immediately!

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