Time Traveller

As stealthily as you can, you take off after the Ripper and the fleeing girl. The Ripper is little more than a blacker shadow against the night, but enough for your to follow. Your heart goes into your mouth as the lantern light from a window glints off the wicked knife he is carrying.

Eventually, the girl's stamina gives out in a deserted street that runs behind some houses. Gasping, she backs away from the black hulk of the Ripper, who advances as if he hasn't been running at all.

As for you; a lichen-covered wall provides a decent hiding place, while still giving you a line of sight. You are feeling sick; you're about to watch the brutal murder that you can do nothing to stop. But maybe, if you get a glimpse of his face, historians will finally be able to close the case.

But as the murderer advances on the young woman, you find yourself debating what to do; you COULD save her. Surely rescuing this poor victim and seeing off the Ripper wouldn't change time that badly? Some more people might be alive, that's all.

But the Ripper is a lot fitter than you and deadly. If you do something, you'll need to use surprise.

Whatever you choose to do, you'll have to do it quickly!