Another day home from schoolÂ…

"I'm telling you Ms. Zelamoyer is a witch, there's no way she could know what we did unless she read our minds!" David says.
"Yeah maybe she's even a demon in human disguise!" Tom adds
"Or maybe you two looked guilty as hell and laughed the loudest when she sat on the thumbtacks you put in her seat." You say. "I told you guys that was a bad idea. I'm surprised she only paddled you and didn't have you kicked out of the school permanently."
"Yeah well it didn't even hurt. My dad beats me harder than that. Though I guess Tom thought it hurt with the way he cried! Hahahaha!" David taunts.
"Shut up David!" Tom exclaims.
"So are you playing Smash Sphere over in the park today?" David asks you.
"I hope so, but my dad's been on my case about me studying harder. Says he wants me to make something of myself when I grow up."
"That sucks. My dad is always either at the mines or drinking at your dad's place. The only time I have to worry about him is when my mom tells him about something I did, then I get a beating. I don't think I'd survive it if he was always around." David replies.
"My mom doesn't beat me, but she'll yell and throw me into a small dark closet without food if I do something bad." Tom says.
"Your mom is one scary ass dyke, Tom. My dad said he saw her scare away a mountain troll in the mines once."
"Shut up David! My mom's not a dyke!"
"Yes she is! What about that other lady that lives with you then?"
"That's just mom's roommate! She needs a place to stay so she helps around the house, like cook dinner or clean up. Mom is at the mines all day, so she can't do that stuff, so it works out. She's kind of like a live in maid!"
"Sounds more like a second momÂ…"

As much as you enjoy Tom's naïve defense of his lesbian mother and David's taunting of it, you arrive at the Inn where you say goodbye to your friends and tell them you might see them later.

As soon as you get in, you dad calls you over to the bar.

"So do you have any homework?" he asks.
"Yeah, but it's not due until next week."
"Hmm, well if it's not due until next week it must need a lot of attention, better get started on it."
"It's really not that much dad, I can do it over the weekend. I'm going to go out and play smash sphere with David and Tom."
"Is that what you think? Better cancel that idea. You're hitting the books, besides I vaguely remember you mentioning you were also going to have test next week too."
"But dad!"
"Don't dad me! You've been letting your school work slide lately and getting into trouble at school with those two little hoodlums you hang out with."
"They're not hoodlums, and I didn't get into trouble today!"
"You aren't supposed to be getting into trouble in the first place! Look son, I know you think I'm being hard on you, but this really is for your own good. Your little friends don't have fathers that give shit about them, I should know because David's dad is in here all the time and as for Tom, well the less said about his situation the better."

Doesn't look like you're getting out of here today, but you make one last attempt.

"But I really don't have that much homework, I really can do it quick over the weekend!"
"Well if that is the case, you can help me out here instead."
"One of my barmaids is sick and I'm expecting a full house here tonight due to it being one of the miner's birthdays today, so you can carry food and drinks."

You certainly weren't expecting that.

"What? Can't mom do it?"
"Your mother is going to have her hands full attempting to cook the giant cloudspeak ram in the kitchen for the celebration, in fact you can start off by helping her chop up the beast."

As usual your dad has given you no "choice" at all.