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by ninjapitka on Sep 10, 2019
by Cricket on Aug 27, 2019
by SteveFreeling on Nov 4, 2016
One of the best stories I have read on here so far (but I'm new)
by NerdInABush on Sep 18, 2016
It's hard to believe that managing an inn and taking university classes is possible. Strangely enough, the hectic nature of this story adds to the immersion since you focus on many factors and the consequences of the decisions you make. Your endings are also interesting, even if most of them are very similar. Who knew such a good Infinite Story was possible with mostly one setting.
by Bladeninja76 on Mar 27, 2014
by Thickskullman on Jul 6, 2013
Testing the new comments section.
by EndMaster on Sep 20, 2011
by mal99 on Feb 11, 2011

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