.44 Magnum

Sgt. Joe Stone has been a good cop for 25 years and is happily married living in the suburbs outside of downtown L.A. A faithful husband for almost thirty years now Joe is the father two teenage children, the eldest is away at college. In those 25 years on the job Joe has rarely missed a day and never been late. Joe is a good cop; when the day begins he is hard at work and he is never one to leave early or shirk work. For these reasons he is well respected and liked by members of his department and is known as a good man by any that know him. All of this is about to change when Joe gets to work today and opens the manila envelope on his desk. Joe has no idea of any of this as he whistles away in the shower, the whistle of a man content with the life he has lived and is living. Joe pours himself a cup of coffee and begins to prepare for work, first eating a quick breakfast, then gathering his paperwork that had kept him up all night, and then finally strapping on his familiar leather shoulder holster on with its heavy piece of metal inside it. That's all it is to him anyways, in his 25 years on the force Joe has never had to discharge his gun in the line of duty. Joe kisses his wife on the cheek and then wanders outside again staring at the gorgeous skyline, he ponders for a moment taking in the beauty. "Haven't had a day like this in some time," Joe says quietly to himself, "What to do?"