The Galactic Adventures of Pierce Darkblade

You are Pierce Darkblade, captain of the G.A. (Galactic Alliance) vessel, The Pachyderm. A military grade star ship that comes equipped with the most state of the art technology available to date. The Pachyderm starship is outfitted with standard hyperspeed engines and laser shields, as well as advanced stealth and weapon systems.
The Pachyderm is a tough ship. It can take many direct hits from an enemy ship before it's shields are destroyed. It can also tolerate extreme tempeartures; the Pachyderm can effectivley hover within football field distance over a star without becoming damaged in the slightest. The Pachyderm can also double as an underwater submarine if such a mission called for it. In essence the Pachyderm is the elite of the elite in terms of starships.

You were given command of the Pachyderm about 2 years ago and you have had many adventures during those years, making a name for yourself around the galaxy. In some quadrants you are well known, respected and occasionally even feared for your past actions. Overall you have had a positive career in service of the Galactic Alliance.

You and are your crew are currently exploring the Volturb System in the distant Posemanta Quadrant when your communications officer, Lt. Mason, notifies you of an incoming transmission from G.A. headquarters on Tyeg Prime. You swivel in your large captains chair in the center of the bridge, and nod your head to accept the transmission. The large viewing screen in front of you changes from the depths of space to a middle aged man decked out in G.A. military medals, it's your superior officer, Supreme Commander Rosco.
"A pleasure to see you today Commander Rosco..." you say, " what do i owe the honor, we were not scheduled for a G.A. briefing for another 2 weeks."

Rosco nods solemnly. "That's true Captain Darkblade, unfortunetly i have some upsetting news. Due to the many tax cuts the galactic senate has been making as of late, the military is no longer able to fund the Pachyderm and it's missions. This does not just include the retiring of the Pachyderm missions..." He pauses as he lets loose a generous sigh. "...It also means letting go of the crew and...captain."

You stare at him in disbelief. "Are you saying the Galactic Alliance is firing us because you can't afford to pay us anymore?! Our military careers down the drain?!"

"It's been a difficult time financially for the alliance military, yes we are letting you go. Let's not make this anymore painful then it has to be Pierce. Consider the ship your retirement, i'm sure you could sell it for a pretty penny. Goodbye Pierce, i wish you luck in your future endeavors." a bloop switches the screen from Rosco back to the blackness of space as the commander ends the transmission.

You stay seated in your captains chair as you ponder the situation. The G.A. has just fired you and your crew...The ship is yours and you can now technically roam the galaxy freely without following the regulations or missions of the G.A., your free to make your own destiny, no one to tell you what to do anymore. You can finally make a difference in the galaxy! Or...destroy it.

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