Booty Call

Jake goes into the booth and as soon as he walks in he sees a nice ass staring at him. A brunette stands up and slaps her ass, Jake grabs it and she moans. Want something? She asks
"Hell YEa!"
JAke pushes her over and she falls onto the bed, she flips over and slowly removes the thong she was wearing. Jake unzips his pants and climbs on top of her.
"You got a rubber?" she asks.
"Whatever...just my protocol to ask."
She lies on her stomach and you fuck her like a dog. She screams and you are loving the pain.
"Times up." she says after ten minutes.
You climb off of her and start to put your pants back on.
"no no what are you doing."
"What?" Jake asks conufsed.
"I meant times up for your riding me, now im gonna flip over for 10 minutes and then you suck my pussy for ten and hten im on top for 3 times for 10 and then I suck your dick for 10. Get it?"
OH yea!!!"