Booty Call

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What the hell is this?
by SteveFreeling on Mar 4, 2016
So damn inapproite for a rated G story. Cool, great job, awseome, I love it. It sounds like you need a new life. Enjoy living like Jake and I hope your next story a little less crappier.
by magic on Jul 22, 2009
Yeah, the actual games are definitely better. You probably should have created your own Jake stories, at least that would have been more interesting. But the way you change around writing tenses is so confusing it pretty much makes this story one that most are just going to give up on.
by Dan2 on Jun 2, 2007
I have never been so ashamed of a story in all my life.
by Leblanc4prez on May 27, 2007
Do us all a favor and die.
by JohnJohnson on Jan 8, 2006
Whoah!!!!! I am like champion! Yo hungo! Check out Score! It's awful, but it kicks your stories booty! Oh what pun (that's the title of your story!)
by jeffisthebest on Nov 27, 2005
DEP, you were too kind. "Hungo", there's a place for ebonics in these kinds of stories: it's called QUOTATIONS. Narrators don't talk like they can't pass ghetto grade-school English. To take a quote from your idiotic story:

"You got assed out. Start over, bitch!"
by michaelrayholt on Oct 31, 2005
Poorly written story on a completely unorignal theme. I almost shot myself in the head after reading it before I realised that it wasn't my fault for trying to read it, it's your fault for wrting garbage like this. What did you do, spend 5 minutes on this story?
by donteatpoop on Oct 29, 2005

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