Booty Call

Jake and his friends gets into his car and heads off.

"Yo, so where we going?" said Billy

"Yo, Where the all pussie?" said Rich

"If we dont hit the club then there only one place where we could see pussies" said Jake

"Now your talking" Rich grins

"The Strip Club!" siad Billy and Rich

"I love pussy" siad Jake

Jake and friends arrive to the strip club

"what did I tell you. Fine bitches everywhere....fuck i love stripper's g. see I love the smell of pussy" siad Jake.

On the stage one, there a hot blond topless girl starting a stip show

On stage two there sexy red haired woman dance on the pole

There a Private Booth where you can grt some lap dance

Pick a place for Jake to get some girl"

You have 3 choices: