Days in the Dorm

Sam Gets a Happy Morning Gift

You smile up at Sam and then look at Darline, who is still riding you slowly. "Look who's up Dar. I think she needs a morning treat. Do you agree?"

Darline slips off of your hard member and sits next to you. "Absolutely. Have a seat sleepyhead." She says as she pats the bed between you and her.

Sam crawls over you, and you watch her huge tits swinging as he does. She plops her perfect behind between the two of you and Dar pushes her back into a laying position. Dar then looks up at you and says, "Which end do you want?"

You think for a moment and then say, "You let me wet and in need, so I think I'll finish down there. You can have a seat up here and get yours."

On that she flip her leg over her friend's face and plops her luscious well-trimmed pussy on Sam's mouth. It doesn't take long for Sam to start squirming and licking the tasty depths of her friend. You watch for a moment before your cock starts to throb again, reminding you of your end of this.

You slip your hand between her legs and start to rub her soft lips and thin natural strip of pubes before moving on. You make sure they are nice and ready before rolling over and slamming your hard prick deep into her. She lets out a little shudder on this, but you keep going, soon thrusting in and out of her. Occasionally you lean forward to kiss or bite Dar's shoulder, smooth back, or round ass, depending on current positions.

It doesn't take long, after all that Dar did, for you to reach that point of no return and fill Sam with your hot cum. She wiggles and tightens around you as you hold just hold yourself deep within her until your moment completely passes. You then just roll over and lay on the bed next to her as she keeps working deeply on Dar's pussy.

After a short while Dar moans a deep sigh and rolls onto the bed beside her friend, breathing heavy. You look over the two of them and smile.

Sam sits up and smacks you on the thigh. "Move off, I am all sticky and need a shower."

"Me too." You say, as you move to a sitting position. "We all could use one, so I'll join you guys."

"You guys?" Says Dar, "I already had a shower this morning."

Sam grabs Dar's hand. "Yeah, well, you need another one now, but this time we'll help."

On that the three of you get up and head off to the showers.