Days in the Dorm

Darline Must Have Been In The Rodeo

You lie there and smile at Dar, with your hard prick standing up in your lap. She looks down at it and smiles as well. Her hand creeps over to it and grips the shaft firmly. With a look up at your face, and a twinkle in her amazing blue eyes, she says "I am so going to ride you like a pony."

"Well, saddle up." You say with a larger smile. "Hop up and ride the bony pony."

Not wasting any time she flips her leg over you and straddles your belly. You see her lovely pussy with the black strip of pubes above it as it slides slowly down towards the cock. Her hand reaches back and grips it to guide it into her waiting hole.

You feel her pussy lips surround the head and slide down the hard shaft slowly. The warm wetness engulfs you and the pleasure of it all starts to well up inside you. She starts to slowly slide up and down on you and her huge breasts bounce above your face. You reach up and grip them as she rides.

Suddenly she sits up, almost hitting her head on the bunk above, and grips the crossbeam for support. Her bouncing and thrusting becomes more active and faster, like her riding suddenly became a gallop. You can't believe how good it feels.

She starts to moan as she rides you wildly and the whole bed starts to shake. She is a wild one. You are groaning with her wild gyrations and don't even notice the bed shaking. Or that it appears to have awoken Sam in the top bunk. You failed to see her climb down and walk around to the side of the bed.

Suddenly you hear, "Looks like I've missed a party."

You turn to see where it came from and see Samantha kneeling naked beside you on the bed. Her amazing huge breasts nearly on top of you. Darline appears to have noticed as well, as she leans forward to give Sam a deep kiss. You can't believe this is happening.

She then leans down to kiss you too and Dar goes back to her wild ride. You kiss Sam and feel her soft lips on yours, with tongues dancing between you. You are in heaven.

When she pulls back away from you she says, "So, where should I get into this fun time?" Her hand slides between her kneeling thighs and playfully rubs her waiting pussy.

You smile at her and suggest...