Days in the Dorm

Ridden Like A Sexual Canoe

You flit your tongue between your smiling lips and then say "I think I have a place for you to sit right here.

"Oh good," Sam coos before quickly getting up to straddle your face, placing her waiting pussy right over your mouth. The thin natural strip of hairs tickle your nose as your tongue parts her soft lips on your first touch. Finding it quickly, you flick her clit before closing your lips around it to give it a quick suck. She moans slightly and are pleased to know it's working.

Darline is still trusting and riding, but has slowed down a little to let you keep your head more still during your pleasuring of Sam. You can feel Dar's pussy tightening around and sliding against your throbbing cock as she goes. It's hard to concentrate on anything with how close she is getting you, but you have a job to do on this curvy blond above you.

You slide one hand up around her soft thigh and bring the other between her legs to help work on her dripping pussy. Two fingers slide in easy and begin to work as you keep licking and playing with her lips and clit. Your grip on her thigh becomes more necessary as she starts to writhe around slightly from the pleasure she is feeling.

You can't believe how incredibly lucky you are to have these two amazingly sexy naked girls both in your bed with you. Your mind is filled with waves of pleasure, accented by the sensations of touch and taste and scent felt throughout your body. Not to mention the gorgeous sight of Sam's naked form above your eyes, with her own hands caressing her huge round breasts and small pink nipples.

You can't stand it any longer and can feel your body about give up, as small shudders pass through you all ending is the release of hot cum deep into Darline. She clenches tight and her pussy squeezes your cock like a soft vice. You drop your head back and have to abandon Sam's pussy, at least for a moment, to let this wave pass over you with a loud moan.

Moments later you feel Darline move and you slide out of her. You catch your breath and move back into Samantha's wet muff to keep her going. She doesn't seem to have minded the momentary rest and gets right back into rhythm with your work.

You are shocked momentarily, however, when you suddenly feel a tongue cross your cock and draw it into a mouth. You then realize that Dar must me lapping up the flavors of her work. It's nearly enough to make you pop all over again, but you know your willy will need a slightly longer rest than that before it will go again.

Minutes pass, although you aren't sure how many since time is meaningless at the moment, and Sam grabs your hair hard. She pulls your face hard into her cunt and moans loud as you feel her wet juices smother your face. You are most pleased with your work.

She rolls off you and sits back on the bed next to you. Dar sits up too and look down at you with a smile. "You are a real mess."

"Yeah?" you say, "You aren't exactly clean and fresh any more either."

Sam kisses you on the cheek. "We should all go get cleaned up in the showers."

"I just came from there." Says Dar with a frustrated look.

"Yeah," you reply, "and this time you won't have to do the work alone."

She shrugs. "I can live with that."