Darkness and Light

Just as he speaks the last word, Tagon's body turns to dust and a gust of wind blows it away into the desert. Both of you look over in surprise.

"Perhaps it is a sign? If so, what could it mean? There is so much I do not understand!" Manee sighs and sits back down to meditaite. "Forgive my sudden outburst," he says to you quietly. "And forgive me, but the sun has already risen. I think you will have to stay here until tonight."

The tent is small and nearly empty, so, with little else to do, you continue watching him. Surprisingly, the time passes swiftly as you watch him, listening to his calming chanting and humming.

Soon it is nightfall. "Can-can I stay here another day?" you ask meekly. There is something about his presence which makes you feel comfortable and safe. You are already a whole day late from your initiation test, and dread what will happen when you return to the dark realm.

"I'm sorry child," Manee replies sadly. "I know you are scared, but you will have to face them someday." You are not surprised that Manee seems to know exactly what you were thinking.

"Will I see you again?" You ask.

"I have a feeling that you will," Manee replies with a smile. "But not in this place."

You know you will not get a better answer from him, so you turn and fly off into the night. But where will you go? You did not finish your initiation test, and you are already a whole day late!! You dread what will happen if you return to the dark realm, but you have to return eventually. Also your mother will miss you.