Darkness and Light

"Okay, where is this human, so we can verify your story?" Draco says sarcastically, his voice full of venom, as he rised to his feet. The others follow suit, and you back away, realizing you are in trouble. "Do you think we are stupid? There is no human blood in you!!"

"Wait!" one of the other Lords interrupts. "I sense that there IS human blood in him.. but it's strange... not from a normal human. What have you done Vincent? And what is this strange power I sense in you?"

The room falls silent, as all the Vampire Lords concentrate their power on you.

"None of us understand what happened," Xia says quietly. "Tell us what happened, so we can better plan what action to take."

You have a feeling that most of them prefer to keep you locked up and run some tests on you....