Darkness and Light

Even with your new-found strength, you doubt your capability to take on Draco alone. Besides, you're supposed to have a meeting with all the Vampire Lords about your initiation test.

"So, what is your status?" One of the Vampire Lords asks. His face is unreadable but his voice is cold and impatient. "It was nearly sunrise when you returned... you spent more time than most. I HOPE that means you have some good news."

You survey the room as you carefully consider your words. You are alone with the six Vampire Lords. They are seated in a semi-circle on thrones made of ebony. The Vampire Lords are not physically larger than most vampires, but their presence is overpowering. Xia, the only Vampiress amoung the Lords, is seated on the right. Draco is the second from the left. You stare at him trying to read his thoughts but, like the others, his face is expressionless.