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The Michael Ray Holt Qualification!

On the sixth day, God created man. On the seventh day, God rested. On the eighth day, God experienced a terrible cramping sensation deep within his bowel. He quickly rushed to the divine porta-john and for the next several hours, locked away in darkness, released unearthly moans as he passed a particularly vile nugget. After battling with his lower intestine for what seemed like an eternity, God left the divine porta-john to go take a look at his new creation. He was sure to wash his hands.

Time passed and God forgot about the horrible divine bowel movement which challenged his omnipotence. Within the depths of that forsaken porta-john, something grew. An evil and an arrogance that bested even Lucifer, an abomination far more horrible than anyone else could imagine was born. This creature, the hazardous waste brought on with the creation of the universe became known to mankind only as Michael Ray Holt. Since his creation, his name has inspired fear and loathing in countless souls and evoked the worst aspects of humanity. It is said that he still roams the interwebs today¬Ö feeding on the souls of the innocent and tainting all that is good in the world. He has become the reason to end your life, the reason to embrace nuclear war, the reason to cut down the highway instead of across. MRH is the death of the spirit. In his company one can only feel loneliness.

Anyway, this quiz has been designed to determine how much MRH is inside of you! How closely are you related to this cancer of society? Are you a kindred spirit of the enemy, or a polar opposite? Answer these simple questions and find out!

First Question: How would you describe yourself physically?