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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

Charmander: "I have an idea. Just follow my lead Pikachu. *shouting* Arcanine, catch!"

You throw the Oran Berry at Arcanine. He catches it and gobbles it down quickly. With newfound strength, Arcanine knocked the glitch from his stomach, disrupting it's concentration and causing the glow to disappear suddenly. You and Pikachu rush over to where Arcanine is now standing.

Arcanine: "Funny how the good guys always win in the end, eh? You've crossed the line, Missingno, and now you're gonna pay. *to Charmander and Pikachu* What do you say we kick some glitchy a**?"

Pikachu: "Fine by me..."

Missingno: "Wait! Please! I can't take it. You win! I'm done. I'm a failure. A failure...All I ever wanted in life was to make a freind, one friend, without them dying in 3 days. But power corrupted me, and now look where I am! Alone, with no one who cares for me. Please, Arcanine, I'm truly sorry for eveything I've done to you, and I hope we can be friends. Here, I'll even remove the curse".

Missingno starts to glow again, and you and Pikachu back up. However, you feel a like weight is being lifted off of your chest, and you breathe in deeply.

Pikachu: "Much better!"

Arcanine: "Missingno, after all that we have been through, we can never forget the past; it is inevitable that we will always be rivals. However, I think I know where I can find you a friend. Just promise me one thing."

Missingno: "Anything!"

Arcanine: "You'll never come back to the world of pokemon ever again."

Missingno: "Done!"

Arcanine: "And you'll be nice to anyone you'll meet, and you'll get a makeover, and you'll get me a million poke and you'll get me season passes to Pokeworld and-"

Missingno: "Shut up already! I'm not Jirachi! Go find him if you want your wishes granted. Now, who's this friend you want to show me?"

Arcanine: "Follow me.*to Charmander and Pikachu* Thank you for all that you have done for me. You two aren't such blundering idiots after all. Here is that gift I promised you."

Arcanine leans over and breathes on you two. His breath is warm, and smells a bit like onions. It surrounds you, and chills creep up and down your spines. He closes his mouth, and you feel different, more powerful.

Pikachu: "What did you do?"

Arcanine: "I have given you the gift of life. In two months, both of you will give birth to a new species of pokemon."

Charmander and Pikachu: "WHA-?!?!"

Arcanine: "I'm kidding! I have given you the gift of life though; prolonged life. You will now live longer than most pokemon have ever dreamed of. And with new life comes new strength. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at your new power. Use it sparingly, though, for power is not meant to be used for great periods of time. Now, my time has come to leave this world! Goodbye Charmander! Goodbye Pikachu! May you forever find yourselves in the right place at the right time!"

With Missingno alongside him, Arcanine began to rise into the air. Charmander and Pikachu watched with mouths gaped open, and it was only when the two were almost out of sight did Charmander yell to them.

Charmander: "WAIT! WHO ARE YOU?"

Arcanine: "*faintly* Call me Nucertes."

Arcanine and Missingno then disappeared in a small flash of light. You turn to Pikachu.

Charmander: "Now what?"