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Your goal is to survive the harsh life in the year 13 PI. Daily struggles as a member of The Guard range from protecting your city from occasional zombie outbursts inside the city, crushing citizen revolts, and investigating targets thought to be members of STOP.

In fact, you have gotten so used to dealing with zombies, you find citizens to be the largest problem. Many citizens go to church all morning and turn to assault and harassment of The Guard during the evening hours for entertainment. While you have never gone to a New Church service, you are convinced they spread Anti-Guard Propaganda.

In general, you deal very little with STOP. What they do seems very evil to you. Allowing zombies into the city is a very stupid thing and is counteractive to everything Metropolis stands for. Only highly ranked members of The Guard are allowed to investigate matters dealing with STOP.

For now, it might be best for you to become familiar with the power struggle for control of Metropolis. You can learn about the participating groups. Other terms and history might also be of aid to you.